When we conceived of HEALgoods we knew that a philanthropic component had to be intrinsic to our mission. It is a selfish decision. We want to feel good about the company we are creating, the products we are producing and the brand we are promoting.

While our causes may evolve, the motivation to do good will always remain at our core. The Wood River Animal Shelter, education, the environment, veterans—especially Adaptive Sports, brain tumors and the arts are just a few causes that resonate with us. We hope to contribute generously to all of these causes and more.

We are motivated to support causes by doing as well as giving. Whenever possible we will cut down on waste, purchase carbon offsets, choose recycled or recyclable products and make decisions that benefit all, whether you buy our socks or not.

We believe in empowering HEALgoods customers by informing them of best practices that prolong the life of their product as well as minimize the impact on the environment. Have a thought how we can do better, please contact us at .