Don’t fence us in…

HEALgoods was founded by two old friends with a shared dream. We are driven to create well-designed products, authentically crafted, that get better with age.

Born and raised with East Coast traditions, our passion lies in the West, specifically in Ketchum, Idaho. Its rugged sophistication appeals to our contrasting ideals of classic styling and a casual and outdoorsy lifestyle.

Standing at the trailhead, our goal is to enjoy each step along the way. While we are constantly looking for new designs, we are not interested in trends. We recall a time when you had to wear in your own jeans, most likely Levi 501s, and each rip had a real narrative. We opt for aesthetics that do not age, but rather become richer over time. Our belts, which are made of hand waxed cotton fabrics, gain a deep patina with every wear. Our clothes tell a story.

We aim to build a company that makes a product that is better designed…not so that you buy more, but so that you consume less.

We hope you will join us…

On a Journey
Grant + Heidi